About dhesk

This is the hub for Nigeria’s higher education communities, where you can have never ending conversation, and real educational and social connection. Whether you are in College of education, Polytechnic or University this is the community for you.

This is an academic community where lecturers, current and former students can interact with one another, creating opportunities to share ideas uniquely for each institution and also amongst other institutions. It provides information and access to what is trending in other institutions across the country. This medium provides you with a deck of Nigerian schools and the avenue that enables individuals to collaborate with other academicians.

The process of searching the internet to get and summarize information has become increasingly important in the light of recent advances in technology as well as the resulting influx of large volumes of information in everyday life. These advances challenge educational institutions to adopt / adapt the opportunities of distributed share and communication. Forums are a social communication networks, they play a key role in the process of knowledge creation, providing means for users to exchange ideas and to collaborate in a networked, situated, contextual, non-judgmental, free form unmoderated and in near real time environment.

The mission of dhesk is to be the hub of knowledge for the tertiary institutions in Nigeria. An immeasurable amount of the knowledge that would be valuable to many institutions in Nigeria is currently only available to a few — either locked in people’s heads, or only accessible to select groups. We want to connect academicians in all the institutions of higher learning in Nigeria who have knowledge to the academicians who need it. To bring together academicians with different perspectives so they can learn from each other, and to create an avenue for everyone to share their knowledge for the benefit of the our great country, Nigeria.