Better Education Service Delivery for All

The development objective of the Better Education Service Delivery for All (BESDA) Operation Project for Nigeria is to increase equitable access for out-of-school children and improve literacy in focus states, and strengthen accountability for results, in basic education in Nigeria. Read more>>>


Nigeria: AF – State Education Program Investment Project

The development objectives of State Education Program Investment Project for Nigeria are to support: (a) need-based teacher deployment; (b) school-level management and accountability; and (c) measurement of student learning in Participating States. Read more>>>


Nigeria Partnership for Education Project 

The objective of the Partnership for Education Project for Nigeria is to improve access and quality of basic education in selected states, with particular attention to girls’ participation. Read more>>>


AfDB Project Integrates Nomadic Peoples into Mainstream Education in Nigeria

At the Kaduna Km 26 project site, the pupils are taught sewing and how to produce dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurts, as well as mats. As a result, the project is bridging the literacy and skills gaps between the nomadic communities and the rest of society. Unlike previous nomadic schools, the AfDB-supported Km 26 Nomadic Centre project has solid structures with classrooms, workshops, libraries, teachers’ quarters, water and electricity and latrines. It is responding to the Government of Nigeria’s policy of using formal education as a means of upgrading the socio-economic condition of this rural population. Read more>>>